Threshold Free Showers
A threshold free shower (also known as a curbless or handicapped shower) can make bathing easier and safer for everyone – regardless of age or disability. Removing the “lip” of a shower means that the bathroom floor and floor of the shower are level, eliminating all obstacles. A threshold-free shower decreases the risk of falls and enables access for everyone. We provide a thorough, personalized assessment of our client’s homes and can help make recommendations for your unique situation.

ADA/Handicap Height Toilets
Accessing a standard height toilet can be challenging. We can help guide you through the many options available from installing a comfort-height toilet to more advanced products.

Grab Bars
Installing grab bars are a cost effective way to ensure safety and independence in the bathroom. Remember, they must be installed properly! We can mount grab bars in showers, bathtubs, around toilets and even throughout the house – wherever someone needs a little extra help. We can advise you on what products work best for you.

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Complete Bathroom Remodeling
From simple grab bar installation to complete bathroom remodeling to building an addition on to your home, Operation Independence can meet all your needs in constructing an accessible bathroom. We provide a thorough, in-home assessment and take into consideration the needs of our clients as well as their caregivers. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to set up a free in-home assessment.