The Home Modification Loan Program (Massachusetts)

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts sponsors the Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP), which provides low and no-interest loans to homeowners. The modifications can be for themselves, resident family members, and tenants with disabilities. These modifications must be necessary to allow the beneficiary to remain in the home.

The program has helped countless people remain safe and independent in their homes. We have extensive experience filing the necessary paperwork and dealing with the staff administering the Home Modification Loan Program. For information about the loan program, visit the links below. Contact us at 617.923.4545 to find out what modifications we can do for you.

Financial Aid Programs

A variety of financial aid programs are available to assist in home adaptations.

Home Improvement Structural Alterations (HISA)
Department of Veterans Affairs
This program requires that the veteran has been hospitalized within one year of the application date and that accessibility adaptations are medically necessary. For further information, call (800) 827-1000 or visit

Plan for Achieving Self-support (PASS)
This program covers modifications to a home through a Social Security Administration savings plan. For further information, contact your local Social Security Administration offices or visit

Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
Two loan guarantee programs can provide direct loans with low interest rates, higher than normal debt ratio, extended terms and low down payments or financed closing costs. For more information, visit

Long-term Care Insurance
Optional policy benefits exist to assist with daily living activities in the home. These enriched home care benefits provide for the actual charges paid up to a lifetime policy limit of 30 times the home health care daily benefits for special equipment such as ramps and grab bars. For more information, contact your insurance provider.

Tenants have the right to perform reasonable accessibility adaptations to their apartments, and landlords should welcome the opportunity to not only provide financial assistance but also find the appropriate special equipment that ultimately will enhance the property.

Other Options
Other creative financial assistance resources can include fraternal clubs, special gift funds, local chapters of disability organizations, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (, the Fannie Mae Foundation (, equity financing, case management/managed care and special income tax deductions.